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Marlboro Bulletin: April 27, 2024

Meditation – “What remains the same, no matter whether you have great strengths or great weaknesses or some combination, is that the results of your work is your fruit.” – from Unearth the Church by Johnmark Camenga

Call to Worship

Preparing for Worship

Singing Praise Together – Refiner’s Fire, Cornerstone, Holy Forever

Children’s Message

Scripture – II Corinthians 6:14-7:1

Hymn – Take Time to be Holy - 587

Sermon – Why Unearth?

Pastor Johnmark Camenga

Praying for and with each other

Hymn – Wonderful Grace of Jesus - 163


May 11th will be Youth Sabbath, organized by Erin Bond and Annelise Sweeney. There are many ways youth can be involved, including some behind the scenes tasks. Please

let Erin or Annelise know if you would like to be involved.

Gone Fishin’ – Fishing and Dinner at Jersey Oaks Camp on June 1 from 5-8pm. Invite a friend or neighbor!

Praying for the future of the Marlboro SDB Church –

Everyone is encouraged to pray specifically and intentionally, each day, for wisdom and guidance on the plans God has for our church. There will be a discussion time held Sabbath afternoon, May 25. We will have a fellowship lunch to be followed by a time of prayer and sharing. A nursery will be provided so everyone is able to attend if they want to. Please put this on your calendar and take time each day to seek God’s will for the Marlboro SDB Church.

Upcoming Events at Marlboro:

4/26-4/28: Pastor’s Summit @ Marlboro & Shiloh

4/27: Fellowship Lunch

5/18: Eastern Association @ Shiloh – “Unearth the Church”

5/19: Eastern Association Business Meeting @ Shiloh – 9am

6/1: Gone Fishin’ @ Jersey Oaks Camp 5-8pm

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