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Marlboro Bulletin: Dec. 23, 2023

Christmas Sabbath

Meditation – “My idea of Christmas, whether old-

fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.

Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for

Christmas to do that?” – Bob Hope

Call to Worship

Preparing for Worship

Hymn – Angels We Have Heard on High – 184

Children’s Message

Christmas Gifts

  • Erin & Annelise

  • Yvonne & Jonathan

  • Glorious Impossible

  • Erin & Joanna

  • Yvonne & Melanie

  • Lora & Tom

Sermon – Christmas Expectations

Praying for and with each other

Hymn – Joy to the World - 181



Kindness Matters! We encourage you to show your

thankfulness to someone! Write a note, send a card, or give a

call and pray for that person. Let them know you appreciate

them and are praying for them.

Please drop off any non-perishable foods for the food pantry

on the table in the fellowship hall.

There is a box in the vestibule for Christmas Cards, if you wish

to give them to those in church. If you wish, put what you

would have spent on postage in the box as well and it will be

added to the Christmas Gift card collection.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to share over $3000 in

gift cards with 10 families this Christmas.

The Nominating Committee met this week but is still seeking

willing volunteers. If you are interested in being Clerk or any

other position or on a committee, please see Dottie, Holly or


The SDB General Conference will be hosting the 2024 Winter

Virtual Delegate Forum on Sunday January 7 at 2pm via Zoom.

Registration is required. The registration link and other

information is available at

The Seventh Day Baptist Week of Prayer, sponsored by the SDB

World Federation, will be observed January 7-13th. This year’s

theme is “You, Then, You Will Pray Like This”. Booklets, written

by Pastor Helmer Umana of the SDB Christian Church in Silver

Spring MD, with meditations for each day are in the vestibule.

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